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Nature Portfolio - catalogue of photos of gastropod molluscs - the class Gastropoda

Cowries This page lists all of the species for which we currently hold stock photos, email for previews

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Family Haliotidae - Abalones
Common Ormer Haliotis lamellosa
  Green Ormer Haliotis tuberculata
Family Fissurellidae - Slit Limpets Keyhole LimpetDiodora graeca (D. apertura)
Family Patellidae - True Limpets Common LimpetPatella vulgata
 Mediterranean LimpetPatella caerulea
 Blue-rayed Limpet Patina pellucida
Family Trochidae - Top Shells Painted Topshell Calliostoma zizyphinum
 Pink Topshell Cantharidus exasperatus
 Purple Topshell Gibbula umbilicalis
 Thick Topshell (Toothed Topshell)Monodonta lineata
 Topshell Monodonta turbinata
 Turban Topshell Gibbula magus
Family Phasianellidae Pheasant Shell Tricolia pullus

Family Littorinidae - Periwinkles
Edible (Common) Winkle Littorina littorea
  Rough Winkle Littorina saxatilis
  Flat Winkle Littorina obtusata (L. littoralis)
 Small Periwinkle Melaraphe neritoides (Littorina neritoides)
Family Vermetidae (Epitoniidae) - Wentletraps Common Wentletrap Clathrus clathrus (Epitonium clathrus)
Family Cerithiopsidae Cerithiopsis tubercularis
Family Calyptraeidae (Crepidulidae) - Slipper Shells Chinaman's HatCalyptraea chinensis
 American Slipper LimpetCrepidula fornicata
Family Triviidae (Eratoidae) - Cowries European (spotted) Cowrie Trivia monacha
Family Naticidae - Moon Shells Necklace Shell Polinices catenus


Family Ranellidae - Tritons
Knobbed TritonCharonia lampas nodiferum
Family Muricidae - Rock Shells DogwhelkNucella lapillus
Sting Winkle (Oyster Drill) Ocenebra erinacea
Family Buccinidae - Whelks Common WhelkBuccinum undatum
Family Conidae - Cone Shells Mediterranean Cone ShellConus meditereaneus (C. ventricosus)

Family Polyceridae
Sea SlugPolycera quadrilineata
Family Phyllidiidae Sea SlugPhyllidia ocellata
 Varicose Wart SlugPhyllidia varicosa
Family Chromodorididae Sea SlugChromodoris quadricolor
 Sea SlugChromodoris africana
 Sea SlugChromodoris strigata
 Giant Yellow Chromodoris Hypselodoris picta (H. valenciennesi)
 Beautiful RisbeciaRisbecia pulchella
Family Dorididae Sea SlugDiscodoris atromaculata
 Sea LemonArchidoris pseudoargus
Family Flabellinidae Sea SlugFlabellina (Coryphella) browni
 Sea SlugFlabellina (Coryphella) pedata
Family Aeolidiidae Sea SlugAeolidiella alderi
Family Aplysiidae Sea-hareAplysia punctata
Family Glaucidae Sea SlugFacelina auriculata
 Large Dragon Pteraeolidia ianthina
Family Discodoridae Willey's DoridHalgerda willeyi

Family Arionidae - Slugs
Black SlugArion ater
Family Testacellidae - Shelled Slugs Mauge's Shelled Slug (Atlantic Shelled Slug)Testacella maugei
Family Succineidae Amber SnailSuccinea putris
Family Helicidae - Snails Garden SnailCantareus aspersus (Helix aspersa)
 Roman SnailHelix pomatia
 White-lipped Banded SnailCepaea hortensis


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