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Nature Portfolio > insects > butterflies > Blues and Coppers - the family Lycaenidae

This page lists all of the species for which we currently hold stock photos, email for previews

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Agriades glandon Glandon Blue
Agriades pyrenaicus Gavarnie Blue
Agrodiaetus admetus Anomalous Blue
Agrodiaetus amandaAmanda's Blue
Agrodiaetus damon Damon Blue
Agrodiaetus escheri Escher's Blue
Agrodiaetus ripartii Ripart's Anomalous Blue
Agrodiaetus thersites Chapman's Blue
Albulina orbitulus Alpine Argus
Anthene emolus Oriental Ciliate Blue
Anthene larydas Common Ciliate Blue
Anthene liodes Ciliate Blue
Anthene lunulata Red spot Hairtail
Anthene lysicles Ciliate Blue
Anthene rubricinctus Ciliate Blue
Aphnaeus orcas Common Silver Spot
Arawacus aetolus Lined Stripestreak
Arhopala abseus Aberrant Oakblue (Aberrant Bushblue)
Arhopala silhetensis Sylhet Oakblue
Aricia agestis Brown Argus
Aricia agestis cramera Spanish Brown Argus
Aricia artaxerxes Mountain Argus
Aricia eumedon Geranium Argus
Aricia nicias (Pseudaricia nicias) Silvery Argus
Axiocerses harpax Scarlet
Azanus mirza Pale Babul Blue
Azanus moriqua Black-Bordered Babul Blue
Cacyreus audeoudi Audeoud's Bush Blue
Cacyreus marshalliGeranium Bronze
Callophrys avis Chapman's Green Hairstreak
Callophrys rubi Green Hairstreak
Celastrina argiolusHolly Blue
Cheritra freja Common Imperial
Chilades pandava Plains Cupid
Chilades trochylus Grass Jewel
Cigaritis iza (Spindasis iza) Silver-line
Cupido minimus Small Blue
Cupido osiris Osiris Blue
Cyaniris semiargus Mazarine Blue
Deudorix antalus Brown Playboy
Epitolina dispar
Euchrysops cnejus cnejus´┐Ż Gram Blue
Euchrysops malathana Smoky Bean Cupid
Euchrysops osiris African Cupid
Everes alcetas Provencal Short-tailed Blue
Everes argiades Short-tailed Blue
Everes decoloratus Eastern Short-tailed Blue
Glaucopsyche melanops Black-eyed Blue
Glaucopsyche alexis Green-underside Blue
Hemiargus hanno Hanno Blue
Hypolycaena dubia Hairstreak
Hypolycaena hatita Hairstreak
Hypolycaena nigra Hairstreak
Hypolycaena philippus Purple-brown Hairstreak (Common Hairstreak)
Jamides celeno Common Caerulean
Iolaus iulus Sapphire
Iolaus paneperata Sapphire
Laeosopis roboris Spanish Purple Hairstrea
Lampides boeticusLong-tailed Blue
Leptotes cassius Cassius Blue
Leptotes pirithous Lang's Short-tailed Blue
Leptotes webbianus (Cyclyrius webbianus) Canary (Tiger) Blue
Liptena xanthostola
Lycaena alciphron alciphron Purple-shot Copper
Lycaena alciphron gordius Purple-shot Copper
Lycaena dispar Large Copper
Lycaena helle Violet Copper
Lycaena hippothoe eurydame Purple-edged Copper
Lycaena hippothoe hippothoe Purple-edged Copper
Lycaena phlaeas f. alba Small Copper
Lycaena phlaeas f. caeruleopunctata Small Copper
Lycaena phleas Small Copper
Lycaena salustius New Zealand Common Copper (Coastal Copper)
Lycaena thersamon Lesser Fiery Copper
Lycaena tityrusSooty Copper
Lycaena virgaureae Scarce Copper
Lysandra albicans Spanish Chalkhill Blue
Lysandra bellargus Adonis Blue
Lysandra coridon Chalkhill Blue
Lysandra coridon asturiensis Chalkhill Blue
Lysandra hispana Provencal Chalkhill Blue
Maculinea alcon rebeliMountain Alcon Blue
Maculinea arionLarge Blue
Maculinea nausithousDusky Large Blue
Meleageria daphnis Meleager's Blue
Nacaduba angusta 4-line Blue
Nacaduba berenice Rounded 6-line Blue
Nacaduba calauria Small Wave Blue
Nacaduba hermus Pale Four-line Blue
Oboronia liberiana White Blue
Oboronia ornata White Blue
Oboronia pseudopunctatus White Blue
Paradeudorix eleala
Pilodeudorix diyllus Playboy
Plebejus argus Silver-studded Blue
Plebejus idas Idas Blue
Plebejus loewii Loew's Blue
Plebicula dorylas Turquoise Blue
Polyommatus eros Eros Blue
Polyommatus icarus Common Blue
Pseudophilotes baton Baton Blue
Pseudophilotes panoptes Panoptes Blue
Quercusia quercus Purple Hairstreak
Satyrium acaciae Sloe Hairstreak
Satyrium esculi False Ilex Hairstreak
Satyrium ilicisIlex Hairstreak
Satyrium spini Blue-spot Hairstreak
Scolitantides orionChequered Blue
Spalgis lemolea African Apefly
Strymonidia pruni Black Hairstreak
Strymonidia w-album White-letter Hairstreak
Thecla betulae Brown Hairstreak
Thermoniphas micyclus
Tomares ballus Provence Hairstreak
Tuxentius carana Pied Pierrot
Tuxentius cretosus Pied Pierrot
Vacciniina optilete Cranberry Blue
Zizeeria knysna African Grass Blue
Zizina antanossa Dark Grass Blue
Zizina otis Lesser Grass Blue
Zizula hylax Tiny Grass Blue
Chalkhill Blue

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