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Nature Portfolio - catalogue of photos of spiders, scorpions, harvestmen and mites - the class Arachnida

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Family Theraphosidae
 Indian Ornamental Tree Spider (Baboon Spider)Poecilotheria regalis
 Chilean Rose Tarantula (Chilean Red-back)Grammostola cala
Family Ctenizidae
Trap-door Spiders
Giant Malaysian trap-door spider Liphistius malayanus
Family Dysderidae
Woodlouse-eating Spiders
Woodlouse-eating SpiderDysdera crocata
Family Therididae
Cob-web Spiders
Enoplognatha latimana
 Black Widow SpiderLatrodectus hesperus
 Common False Widow SpiderSteatoda bipunctata
 Noble False Widow SpiderSteatoda nobilis
Family Sparassidaee
Huntsman Spiders
Green Huntsman Spider Micrommata virescens
Family Thomisidae
Crab Spiders
Crab spiderThomisus onustus
 Crab spiderHeriaeus hirtus
 Crab spiderMisumena vatia
 Crab spiderXysticus cristatus
 Crab spiderXysticus kochi
Family Pholcidae
Daddy-long-legs Spiders
Daddy-long-legs SpiderPholcus phalangioides
Family Salticidae
Jumping Spiders
Jumping SpiderPhidippus audax
 Jumping SpiderSalticus scenicus
 Jumping SpiderEvarcha spp.
 Jumping SpiderMarpissa muscosa
Family Lycosidae
Wolf Spiders
Wolf SpiderPardosa lugubris
 Wolf SpiderPardosa palustris
 Wolf SpiderPardosa amenentata
 Wolf SpiderArctosa perita
Family Pisauridae
Nursery-web Spiders
Wolf SpiderPisaura mirabilis
 Raft SpiderDolomedes fimbriatus
Family Agelenidae
House Spiders
House SpiderTextrix denticulata
 House SpiderTegenaria domestica
 House SpiderTegenaria gigantea
 House SpiderTegenaria silvestris
Family Araneidae
Orb-web Spiders
Orb-web SpiderAgalenatea redii
 Orb-web SpiderAraniella cucurbitina
 Orb-web SpiderArgiope argentata
 Garden SpiderArgiope australis
 Wasp Spider Argiope bruennichi
 Orb-web SpiderArgiope lobata
 Garden Cross SpiderAraneus diadematus
 Orb-web SpiderAraneus marmoreus
 Orb-web SpiderAraneus quadratus
 Orb-web SpiderHypsosinga heri
 Orb-web SpiderNeoscona adianta (N. adiantum)
 Orb-web SpiderNuctenea umbratica
Family Metidae
Orb Stretch Spiders
Orb Stretch SpiderMeta mengei
  Meta segmentata
Family Tetragnathidae
Big-jawed Spiders
Golden Web SpiderNephila maculata
  Golden Silk SpiderNephila clavipes
  Tetragnatha spp.
Family Segestriidae
Tube-dwelling Spiders
Snake-back SpiderSegestria senoculata
Family Sparassidae
Huntsman Spiders
Rain SpiderPalystes spp
Family Gnaphosidae
Ground Spiders
Drassodes lapidosus

  Opilio canestrinii
  Phalangium opilio

Euscorpius flavicaudus

False Scorpion

Mites and ticks
Pear Leaf Blister MiteEriophyes pyri
 Sycamore Gall Mite Aceria cephalonea
 Velvet Mite Trombidium holosericeum
 Castor Bean Tick (Deer Tick, Sheep Tick) Ixodes ricinus

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